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  • Ultrasonic chemical mixing machine. - Ultrasonic chemical mixing machine. Used for chemical processing, mixing and compounding industries. Mechanical Specifications: 1. (Three) tanks joined as one assembly. Designed for a water based solution containing dilute acids. Material St St. • Three tanks tig welded and pacified per ASTM A
  • Automated Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Washer Clean – Rinse – Rinse – Dry System These aqueous parts washers are fully modular allowing for multiple tanks placed side by side allowing for any applications specific configuration: wash, rinse, dry or wash, rinse, rinse, dry or wash, rinse, passivate, rinse dry, etc as shown.
  • Professional Ultrasonic and Parts Cleaning Systems SharperTek® professional ultrasonic cleaning systems meet the demands of industry and commerce. Our attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process and using only the highest quality components results in a professional ultrasonic cleaning system that you, and your business, can.
  • HIGH SUPPRESSION POWER AND ACTION RANGE. This microphone blocker emits a very powerful ultrasonic signal (not less than dB) which suppresses microphones at a maximum distance of 7 m (23 ft). The distance is shortened to 2 m (7 ft) for newest iPhone models with an improved noise cancelling system.5/5(1).
  • Immersible ultrasonic transducers are sealed stainless steel enclosures which allow for adding ultrasonics to parts cleaning new tanks or adding onto existing tanks, equipment and systems. This addition allow for uniform precision parts cleaning of the part surface by using ultrasonic frequencies to cavitate the aqueous solution molecules in.
  • Ultrasonic lab homogenizers allow for fast and efficient emulsifying and dispersing of cremes, lotions, ointments, suspensions and tinctures. Power ultrasound is a reliable compounding technique for high quality pharmaceuticals; Due to intense cavitational shear forces, ultrasonic mixing results in outstanding, unique product qualities.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is a process created by high frequency soundwaves. The soundwaves create high energy cavitation. During cavitation millions of tiny bub- bles form and then implode, releasing enormous amounts of energy and shock waves. This powerful scouring action reaches into minute crevices which can- not be reached by manual scrubbing.