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  • “Fast-paced and near-unstoppable, The Wake is the kind of book you can’t put down. Linden MacIntyre’s relentless voice just won’t let you stop reading, deftly showing how man and nature stacked the dice against the people of small-town Newfoundland.”.
  • The Wake is an ageless story of the collapse of certainties and lives; a tale of lost gods and haunted visions, narrated by a man of the Lincolnshire fens bearing witness to the end of his world. It was published in April by Unbound.
  • wake: [verb] to be or remain awake. to remain awake on watch especially over a corpse. to stay up late in revelry.
  • Sep 01,  · More than a mere novel, The Wake is really a medieval epic poem to an English way of life that would be erased forever.” ―The Arts Fuse “A work that is as disturbing as it is empathetic, as beautiful as it is riveting.” ―EimearMcBride, New Statesman “ The Wake is an astonishing accomplishment/5().
  • Dec 10,  · Directed by Gerald Mayer. With James Arness, Dennis Weaver, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake. A man brings his dead friend into Dodge to give him a proper wake/10(4).
  • In the wake of definition, the track of waves left by a ship or other object moving through the water: The wake of the boat glowed in the darkness. See more.
  • English society was broken apart, its systems turned on their head. What is little known is that a fractured network of guerrilla fighters took up arms against the French occupiers. In The Wake, a postapocalyptic novel set a thousand years in the past, Paul Kingsnort4/5.
  • Hereward the Wake, Anglo-Saxon rebel against William the Conqueror and the hero of many Norman and English legends. He is associated with a region in present-day Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire. In , expecting a conquest of England by King Sweyn II of Denmark, Hereward and some followers.