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8 Comments on " The Wanderer - Various - That Sounds Better (CD) "

  • Tells you how much they care about sound quality and most of the time it's those people that say that vinyl sounds better than CD or mp3 lol. You can tell how they are made from looking from the side or inside the spindle hole: a "core" blank vinyl record, on top of that the picture on paper or foil and on top of that a thin layer of clear.
  • It's no better than whatever sound people choose to put on it. As a medium, the bit ksps (kilo-samples per second) CD is capable of more dynamic and frequency range than music itself, but what comes off of course is only as good as the producer decides to put on it. Plenty of CDs sound awful, especially today, but that's not the CD's fault.
  • Jul 04,  · The soundtrack CD relies heavily on the major (US)East Coast groups of the time -- Dion/Belmonts, Four Seasons, Shirelles, Angels -- along with several contributions from major Motown/Atlantic stars of the early 60s, namely Smokey Robinson, The Isley Brothers and Ben E King/5(29).
  • Further, many people feel that CD sound is best played from a CD only reader played at CD’s spin speed as opposed to multi readers in Blu-ray players. I think you will find that the CXC will sound superior to any multi-reader (perhaps without regard to price). I find the CXC sounds better than the Oppo for CD replay for example.
  • May 07,  · DSD is the encoding format for Super Audio CD (SACD) which Sony and Philips released in the early s. It had some success, but was launched just as .
  • Jun 01,  · Let’s now talk resolution. The resolution for HDtracks downloads generally ranges from bit/kHz up to bit/kHz. Tidal, too, provides a limited library of tracks with better-than-CD resolution, which are streamed using MQA technology and can be found under the Masters tab in the Tidal app. To hear these in high-res, you’ll need a.
  • Apr 19,  · On a theoretical level, there's just no reason it should be the case that vinyl sounds better. There are built-in problems with using vinyl as a data encoding mechanisms that have no CD .
  • Oct 17,  · While CDs, with their “standard-definition” audio, offer better sound quality than MP3s, we’re now seeing the development of high-resolution audio. This claims to be better quality than CDs.