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  • About. Swedish TikTok personality and one-half of the IzaAndElle account, where she collaborates with her sister Elle.. The girls have amassed more than 5 million fans on the platform. Before Fame. She and Elle began creating content on diaragenphentcurnefenectolaxmiser.coinfo, the app which later became TikTok, in the summer of
  • Benin Bronze figures which served as royal ornaments are the indigenous cultural art of the Benin people in Edo State, Nigeria, dating back to as far as the 13th, 15th & 16th centuries. Bronze casting in Edo was established in the 14th century by Oba Oguola.
  • Brass “is red in color and this is considered by the Edo [people of Benin] to be ‘threatening,’ that is, to have the power to drive away evil forces” (Girshick Ben-Amos 88). Chief Ima at Ugie Erhoba, Benin Kingdom, Nigeria,
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  • This remarkable brass plaque, dated between , depicts an Oba (or king) and his attendants from the Benin Empire—a powerful kingdom located in present-day Nigeria. We know that the central figure is an Oba because of his distinctive coral beaded regalia.
  • Feb 21,  · The agreement came more than a century after the Benin bronzes were taken, nearly a half-century after Nigeria started calling for their return, and more than a decade after the Benin Dialogue Group (BDG) was formed specifically to advocate for their restitution. It coincided with broader conversations, fueled in part by French president Emmanuel Macron, about restituting or arranging .
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst [email protected] Amherst Masters Theses - February Imperial looting and the case of Benin. Mary Lou Ratté.
  • The Benin massacre and expedition of were two disastrous events that left the kingdom of Benin ransacked, devastated and deprived of valuable artifacts, artworks, sons, daughters and a great king. The Benin massacre acted as a chain that pulled the “punitive expedition“, as it was called by the British, into diaragenphentcurnefenectolaxmiser.coinfo January 4 , a fraction of Benin army killed a British.