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  • In da house An exclamation used as a compliment, especially if the person is considered very knowledgeable and has helped a person out in some way with little difficulty doing so. A man helps a woman open a stuck jar through some clever means, she would declare: " That was easy! You in da house .
  • in the house Present before an audience. Used as an announcement, especially to generate excitement. We've got DJ Kaleem in the house, ready to throw down some sick beats for y'all!
  • Apr 10,  · For those of us who were born after and too young to remember either of those shows and of whom are fans of Debbie Allen, it was this show 'In The House' in that first introduced us to her as an actress, producer, director/10(8).
  • While spending the night at her grandparents’ house during a sleepover when she was very young, the witness was shocked awake, only to glimpse a dark silhouette in a chair on the other side of the room. It was awkwardly positioned, sideways, with its arms holding its legs up to its chest.
  • House Election Polls. Select one or more years, states and race types, then click "Apply Filter" to see results.
  • The Democratic Party currently controls the U.S. House, where seats are needed for control (when there are no vacancies). Use the interactive maps to create your own House election forecast. Use Who Represents Me to look-up elected officials – including contact info – for any address in the country.
  • in-house (ĭn′hous′) adj. Conducted within, coming from, or being within an organization or group: an in-house computer system; in-house counsel; an in-house newsletter. in′-house′ adv. in-house adj, adv within an organization or group: an in-house job; the job was done in-house. in-house (adj. ˈɪnˌhaʊs; adv. -ˈhaʊs) adj., adv. within.
  • The American cockroach, or Periplaneta Americana, is a reddish-brown cockroach that ranges in length from 1 ½ inches to 2 inches, making them the largest house-infesting cockroach in the country. In the South, they’re commonly referred to as palmetto bugs.